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Dataplex Data Mining Service

The Internet is your Database.

Dataplex Web Mining Services

Dataplex™ is a turnkey solution for business applications that require any of the following:
  • Obtaining filtered data from web pages
  • Scanning websites for changes
  • Reporting new web pages that discuss particular subjects:  products, brands, people, etc.
  • Retrieving web pages for search engines or other uses
  • Accumulating files of any type, including graphics, sound, and video, from public web sites
  • Webspidering for any other purpose

What is Dataplex?

Dataplex is a data mining service.  You tell us where you want to search, what you want to find, and how you want it formatted.  We do the work and send the results directly to you.

Why Use Dataplex?

  • Speed and accuracy. We've been doing spider-based data-mining for years.  We have the tools, the bandwidth, and -- most importantly -- the experience required to get your data reliably, accurately, and quickly.  If you have a new project that needs web data, save startup time and costs by having us get it for you.
  • Scalability. We can examine any number of websites, from one to millions, to any depth.
  • Integrity. We know how to behave when spidering a site.  We are never denied service for abusive access.  Most sites never know they were mined at all.

For More Information

The Dataplex service provides a brand new way for businesses to obtain information from the Internet.  If you've got an application that requires data drawn from public web pages, give us a call.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how Dataplex can help you meet your data gathering needs, in a reliable and scalable fashion.

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