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Teleport Exec
Version 1.72
Price:  $2,495.00

About Teleport Exec ™

A tool for advanced developers, Teleport Exec™ provides a complete, programmatic interface to our webspider engine, allowing you to create and run complex spidering projects directly from your own applications.  The program also exposes the entire project database, enabling you to get detailed information about websites directly from the spider.  Based on our award-winning spidering technology, Teleport Exec is the most fully-featured, robust, and fastest webspider commercially available.  If your project involves getting data from websites, small or large, save yourself much development time by starting with the best technology:  Use Teleport Exec™.

More than just a program that reads HTML and retrieves files, Teleport Exec provides advanced functionality you won't find in any competing program, and won't want to code yourself.  Among other things, Teleport Exec--

  • Reads HTML5 and most of the current extension languages, including CSS3, javascript, and DHTML. 
  • Uses true multithreading to retrieve many files simultaneously, avoiding network bottlenecks. 
  • Monitors the responsiveness of each server it contacts, in order to maximize retrieval speed. 
  • Can rewrite HTML links to produce localized versions of web pages -- no other spider can do this. 
  • Provides inline filter functionality, efficiently limiting both how the spider explores and what it retrieves. 
  • Uses a tuned, high-performance, multithreaded database, enabling the spider to operate with very low CPU and memory requirements. 
  • Has been refined over time to accommodate and understand the many idiosyncrasies of webservers and web page authors. 

Clients who use Teleport Exec and Exec/VLX include

CIA U.S. Central Command U.S. Dept. of Justice

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