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Teleport Exec/VLX
Version 1.72
Price:  $4,995.00

About Exec/VLX

Exec/VLX (Very Large eXploration) has the same programmatic, scriptable API and project-based design as Teleport Exec -- but it also has the ability to scan up to 40 million addresses in a single project.  Like Teleport Exec, Teleport VLX can handle multiple servers in a single project, dramatically improving its throughput.  Its larger database, however, allows it to handle much larger websites, and more servers, enabling you to download much more information in a single project.

Exec/VLX has an extremely large database capacity, and requires a large amount of memory to run efficiently.  We recommend that your machine have 128MB free memory for every 1 million addresses scanned.  Machines with enough RAM will run Exec/VLX at its maximum speed and efficiency.  The program can, however, run with less RAM -- it will just run more slowly.

Click here for more information about Exec/VLX.

Clients who use Teleport Exec and Exec/VLX include

CIA U.S. Central Command U.S. Dept. of Justice

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