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WebDisc Website-to-CD Copying Service

WebDisc Copies for Archival Purposes

Our advanced spidering technology retrieves everything located on the web server -- web files, graphics, scripts, Active Server Pages, PDF files, and anything else -- and rewrites the data in its native format so that it can be served directly from a CD or DVD.  Dynamic pages, such as those generated from a database, are converted to static pages, so that no software or database access is required to browse the disc.

The result is a serverless mirror image snapshot of the site as it looks on the day we copy it.  The copy will look and function exactly like the original, and requires no software to view or use.  The disc is entirely self-contained and impervious to hacking or alteration.

Years from now, when your webserver is completely different and your database has changed, the WebDisc copy of your site will still work and function just as it did the day the copy was made.

We can create complete copies of most small- to medium-sized websites within a day or two.  Larger sites may require more time. Obtaining a quote for time and cost to create a WebDisc copy of any site is easy:  just click here to submit a quote request.  We will evaluate the site and deliver a quote to you by email, usually within a few hours. 

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