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WebDisc Website-to-CD Copying Service

WebDisc Copies for Copyright Registrations

A WebDisc™ is a complete, comprehensive copy of all pages on a website, placed on CD or DVD in a serverless format that is browsable directly from the disc without requiring any software.  This means that copyright examiners can view the disc using any computer, and the disc contains an exact, permanent, viewable copy of the original website, as it appeared on the day the copy was made.

WebDisc copies therefore not only make excellent copyright registration deposits, but can serve as documentary evidence of the exact contents of a site, at a particular point in time.

Copyright examiners can view the contents of the WebDisc simply by browsing it.  WebDiscs are not only a record of the actual files that make up the website they actually produce a viewable reproduction of the site.  Because the Copyright Office (Library of Congress) stresses that a “registration will extend only to the copyrightable content of the work as received in the Copyright Office,” this functionality means that WebDisc copyright deposits protect not just the copyright in your actual files, but also the viewable (displayed) content.

WebDiscs are fully functional copies.  Except for things like search boxes, which do require access to a live webserver to use, all of the links on the disc will work.  Every link on every page of a WebDisc can be clicked on and used to browse to other pages on the disc.  WebDisc copyright deposits protect your rights in the arrangement and relationship of the pages, as well as any link-based functionality on the original site.

We can create complete copies of most small- to medium-sized websites within a day or two.  Larger sites may require more time. Obtaining a quote for time and cost to create a WebDisc copy of any site is easy:  just click here to submit a quote request.  We will evaluate the site and deliver a quote to you by email, usually within a few hours.

  Click here for a printable data sheet on WebDisc for Copyright Registrations in PDF format.

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